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The 1000 Islands is a sightseer s paradise and a popular destination for those looking for an authentic outdoor vacation. Located along the peaceful border between Northern New York State (United States) and Southeastern Ontario (Canada), the 1000 Islands is a region of endless shorelines, rich history and unique culture.
Vacationers have been coming to the 1000 Islands for more than 150 years to enjoy its breathtaking beauty. Waters that were once patrolled by pirates (yes   pirates!) and Prohibition bootleggers are now cruised by cottagers who enjoy serene bays and vacationers who tour aboard guided trips and hear the astonishing stories behind the islands.
Lighthouses, historic castles, maritime museums, world-class fishing and diving, quaint downtown shopping, on-the-water dining, family amusements and more make the 1000 Islands a destination that visitors come to again and again.

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